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Ocean Breeze

Supplying a mat by the spiral staircase wouldn’t have rectified the problem. With no bathroom downstairs in the pool area you were forced to navigate the spiral staircase or go outside the fence and up the hot front steps. Being a Floridian for over 49 yrs we know the temperature gets things very hot. Just the short 6-7 steps from the table to the pool burned your feet. No one wears shoes to enter a pool! And the upstairs deck was just as bad. In Florida people do walk around barefoot, especially entertaining by a pool!

Hello Debra,

Newly build, elevated homes such as Ocean Breeze legally cannot have a bedroom or bathroom on the ground level in order to pass city code.  This is a state wide ordinance that protects the home from floods.  As previously mentioned, we will gladly assist you in your next rental if you let us know what your rental criteria is.