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Vacation Destination Near Cincinnati, OH: Anna Maria Island

Cincinnati, Ohio has grown into a thriving metropolis over the last couple of decades, known for its history, culture, and some diverse restaurants. Sometimes, even residents of Cincinnati will tell you that they need to getaway. Whether it be to thaw out from the harsh winter temperatures or a much needed impromptu vacation, Anna Maria Island has what Cincinnati residents are looking for.
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Why choose Anna Maria Island? Well, mostly because Anna Maria Island is vastly different from Ohio in many ways, especially Cincinnati, and is the ideal destination for many northerners looking for a different place that offers a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful sunsets. Traveling by car from Cincinnati to Anna Maria Island takes a little over 15 hours. However, a flight shouldn’t take more than four, excluding layovers.

Springtime on Anna Maria Island is an exciting time because it seems like there is always something to do every month around this time. If you have kids, Anna Maria Island has plenty of attractions to keep them busy, on the Island and off, no matter what age they might be. There’re many things to do on the Island for children, but since you are in Florida, your kids might ultimately want to go to Disney World or one of the surrounding parks. Orlando is not very far away, roughly an hour and a half drive away from Anna Maria Island, so it’s possible to take them for the day and come back to the Island that night. If you’re not looking to go that far but still want your kids to experience the thrill of rollercoasters, Tampa is just a short hour’s drive away, where they can enjoy some of the best roller coasters in the area at Busch Gardens.
Anna Maria Island is an enchanted place to visit because somehow, time seems to slow down here. Anna Maria Island’s grand shoreline and breathtaking views are some of the many reasons people keep coming back year after year. There is nothing more picturesque than a Florida sunset. Anna Maria Island is a plentiful paradise, pleasantly placed between all of the top Florida metros, so you will have plenty of things to do if you choose. Anna Maria Island is one of the only places in Florida that still offers your privacy and seclusion so why wouldn’t you want to vacation here!

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