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Vacation Getaway Near Columbus, OH: Anna Maria Island

It’s not hard to imagine why someone from Columbus, Ohio would want to come down to Anna Maria Island for a vacation. They need time to thaw out from the harsh temperatures that they encountered during the winter months. Anna Maria Island is vastly different from Ohio in many ways and is the ideal destination for many people because of its pleasant atmosphere and beautiful sunsets.
relax on anna maria island

If you are planning a trip to Anna Maria Island, the best time to do it would be in May. The weather is ideal around this time because it’s still cool enough to go outside but it won’t be scorching either. Best of all, the ocean will have heated up by this time so you can enjoy taking a salty dip. Springtime on Anna Maria Island is an exciting time because there is something to do every month.

Anna Maria Island is a magical place to visit because somehow, life jut slows down here. The island is able to hold a candle to the other major cities in Florida because of its beauty and privacy. Traveling by car from Columbus to Anna Maria Island takes a little over nine hours. However, a flight shouldn’t take more than four, excluding layovers. Once you get here, though, Anna Maria Island has everything you would need during your stay. Anna Maria Island’s majestic shoreline and breathtaking views are some of the many reasons people keep coming back year after year.

sunset on anna maria island

If you have kids, Anna Maria Island has plenty of attractions to keep them busy, on the Island and off, no matter what age they might be. There’re many things to do on the Island for children, but since you are in Florida, your kids might ultimately want to go to Disney. Orlando is about an hour and a half drive away from Anna Maria Island, so it’s possible to take them for the day. Don’t forget about Tampa though because its closer and there are some fun things to do over there. Tampa is just a short hour’s drive away, and you can enjoy Busch Gardens and Lowry Park Zoo if your kids get tired of the beach.

Once the night rolls in, you will notice the rare beauty of the Florida skyline on the Island as you have nowhere else. You won’t be able to resist the appeal once you’ve set eyes upon it, so we suggest letting the blue and pink rays entrap you with their beauty at least once while you are here. There is nothing more picturesque than a Florida sunset. Anna Maria Island is a plentiful paradise, pleasantly placed between all of the top Florida metros, and allows visitors to escape to what many are calling the Florida’s hidden gem.

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