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Vacation Getaway Near Florida City: Anna Maria Island

Sometimes living in a place like Florida City makes you tend to forget that there is an entire state waiting for you to explore. Want to get away from your life in Florida City and come to a place that offers you entertainment and seclusion all at the same time. Anna Maria Island might be the place that you’re looking for. The distance between the two is give or take four hours, but with such a scenic drive, it will be over within no time. Anna Maria Island has every accommodation you might need during your stay, no matter how long or short that stay might be.

One of the most unforgettable things that Anna Maria Island has to offer you is their picturesque sunrises and sunsets. If you had to pick only one thing to see on the Island before you leave, it should be at dawn or dusk. Anna Maria Island has some of the most beautiful backdrops that when illuminated by the sun, captivates even its worst critic. Some of these critics will even tell you that this is what won their heart and made them permanent residents.



Some things you can enjoy on Anna Maria Island includes taking a walk on her famous shoreline. Once you do that, you will see why so many claim this to be one of Florida’s hidden gems. While you are at her beaches, feel free to enjoy some extracurricular water activities such as jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, parasailing, fishing, and dolphin watching. If you get tired of the beach, jump on the trolley and head into the city to enjoy the quaint art galleries, old school ice cream shops, and vintage shops. If you get hungry while exploring, there is plenty of local hole in the walls that have anything you might be craving at the moment. You will find the Islands small town charm to be very welcoming to visitors and really make you feel right at home.

After a warm day at the beach, you could enjoy the cool ocean breeze during the night as it comes off the coast, however, if you want to finish off your day with the locals, look no further than the iconic Sandbar Restaurant. You can enjoy a legendary Island sunset while you eat a filling meal. The laid back atmosphere of the locals will make you feel like you’ve lived here your whole life.

Anna Maria Island offers sanctuary, relaxation, and lifelong friendships if you are open to the ways of the Island. The Island will leave you hypnotized by her beauty after your first visit, captivating you with her smooth, turquoise water after you’ve buried your feet into the warm, golden sand resting on her shoreline. Visit Anna Maria Island today to find out what’s been missing from your life!

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