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Anna Maria Island in the News – Look Who’s Talking About Us

Anna Maria Island is known as the hidden gem of Florida but over the last couple of years has been getting a lot of recognition from local newspapers to national publications. The world is starting to catch on that Anna Maria Island has something to offer everyone, no matter what age they might be. The Columbus Dispatch published a travel piece highlighting the best parts of Anna Maria Island along with a little history lesson because what is a place without its past? Titled, Tampa Bay treasure: Anna Maria Island offers idyllic getaway, this entertaining read gives you an excellent look at Anna Maria Island through the eyes of a visitor and what they found to be delightful.

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From herons to gentle manatees. From history to delicacies. From sunrises to sunsets. From the island to the mainland, Anna Maria is the dream vacation for many. These many reasons are probably the exact ones that landed Anna Maria Island as one of top TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Destination Winners for both 2013 and 2014. Anna Maria Island has miles of coastline but still exudes a small town atmosphere, a magical combination that seems to captivate visitors for years to come. If you’re from a small town, Anna Maria Island is bound to be your home away from home. Ranked #1 in the “14 Best Small Beach Towns in America” by Thrillist in 2015, this unsurpassed beauty has what you need in vacation spot to keep coming back year after year.

The Toronto Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper, published Anna Maria Island keeps families fed with fun and food on April 21, 2016, highlighting how convenient Anna Maria Island is and what activities to explore while you’re here, especially if you’re with your family. When people choose to come to Anna Maria Island, they usually come here for the beaches and the sunsets. The sands of Anna Maria Island are soft and pillow-like yet unlike any other sand you’ve ever walked on. This is probably why Condé Nast Traveler ranked Anna Maria Island as one of the “Top 10 Island Beaches for Perfect Sand” in the nation and fifth-best in the world. It’s impossible not to want to come to Anna Maria Island after hearing this kind of claim to fame, even if it’s just to put your feet in the sand. Anna Maria Island is so much more than a charming little beach town so come see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on!

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