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Back Alley Treasures on Anna Maria Island

Eclectic only begins to describe brightly-decorated Back Alley Treasures, a café, micro-bar and local art store all rolled into one. Few Anna Maria Island shop names capture the overall spirit of the business better.

Back Alley Treasures is many “things” without ultimately being any one “thing.” It’s a shop, bar and café that brings a homely energy to Bradenton Beach.

The décor of the exterior building will draw you in, and the unique offerings you find inside will keep you there for a while.

It’s full of personality, and it is one stop you can’t miss while calling Anna Maria Island your temporary home away from home on vacation.

back alley treasures

Pick Up Some Local Art

Back Alley Treasures functions as a shop selling local artists’ work. Most who have been there will tell you that it’s well worth a quick look to pick up some of the one-of-a-kind items that are offered there, at some reasonable prices.

The staff has gone far and wide to tastefully and creatively decorate the space with work from local artisans that you can purchase.

You’ll find jewelry, handbags, repurposed furniture, photography and wall art that capture the local culture of Anna Maria Island and make the perfect gift or home décor item.

Spiked Smoothies and Coffee

The large chalkboard at the front entrance of this Anna Maria Island café introduce all visitors to the concoctions on sale. Choose from the freshest smoothies, coffee, and the option to add some booze to spice it up.

Smoothie flavors include strawberry, green apple, peach, wildberry, and coconut, among many others. To appease your appetite between meals, enjoy cheese and crackers or some fresh daily made pastries such as muffins, croissants and bagels. Once the pastries are gone, they are gone for the day.

It’s a Coffee Shop, but Not Your Typical Coffee Place

Traditional coffee shops can tend to be a little unapproachable. Beach-inspired bright colors, an open patio, and some extraordinarily friendly staff members contribute to making Back Alley Treasures an unconventional break against the trends.

These standards apply to their coffee drinks, including lattes, espressos, house blends and plenty of other coffee selections. What really makes the café stand out is the care with which they make each cup and the option to spike any of their coffee drinks – an experience worth the visit on its own!

Pick Up an Afternoon Beer

Back Alley Treasures is not a bar in the traditional sense of the word. With that said, there is enticing craft beer available with rotating selections available throughout the month.

There’s also a modest selection of domestic and imports. On top of that, you can order a wine flight for a modest price covering a variety of the premium wines that are available. Create your own 6-pack of craft beer at a similar price point if that’s your beverage of preference.

A Little Bit of Everything

The experience of it all is perhaps the main reason to visit Back Alley Treasures. It’s literally full of treasures and unique things, from spiked coffees and smoothies to your favorite type of beer or wine, and various locally produced trinkets.

This Anna Maria Island shop is also located near popular Coquina Beach and all of the other attractions on Bridge Street. It’s a serene option for visitors to Anna Maria Island who want to escape the noise for a bit, view some local art and maybe pick something up, and get a refreshing break from the sun.

They open at 9am and close up at 5pm during the week and will stay open until 8pm on weekends. Back Alley Treasures can be found at 108 Historic Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, FL.


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