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Don’t stay here

I would not recommend this rental company or this property. The house is nice and we were happy with the service that we received prior to check in but as soon as we got there everything went down hill. The house ran out of propane the 2nd day we were there. When I called, I was told that was impossible because that house didn’t use propane. We had no hot water the whole day and the pool was heated with propane so that stopped working. Finally, they listened to us and realized the house did use propane. We did get the delivery later that afternoon. However, the pool was not heated for the rest of our stay and the heater said it needed to be serviced, but maintenance did not fix it. The shower in one of the bedrooms is so unbearably loud that you get a headache while using it and the water doesn’t drain from the shower. They sent maintenance who pulled hair out of the drain, showed it to us and claimed that was why, but it still continued to fill with water for the rest of our stay. Our refrigerator/freezer stopped working and we had to use to small refrigerator in the extra kitchen. When we told maintenance how unhappy we were with how much money we had spent and all the problems we were having they said “well, it could be worse, it could be snowing”. Like we should deal with getting a run down rental because the weather was nice. I could have stayed somewhere for half the price and had better conditions. That being said the island is beautiful and we will be returning, just renting through a different company.


Thank you for your review regarding your stay with us Casa Del Playa.  We are sorry to hear that your stay was anything less than what you had expected it to be.
Our records show that on April 14th at 1:39 pm you called our office letting us know that we you didn’t have any hot water.  Upon receiving your call,  we contacted the propane supplier and followed up with you at 2:35pm letting you know that the propane will be delivered between 3pm to 7 pm.  You should have had hot water shortly thereafter the delivery.

In response to your call the following morning,  April 15th at 9:35 AM regarding the pool water being cold.  Maintenance was dispatched and arrived at the property shortly after.  Upon checking the pool heater, it was confirmed that the pool heater was working and that the actual pool temperature was 86 degrees and the spa temperature was measured at 98 degrees.  As stated on our web-site, our pool heat is set to 82 degrees and your actual pool temperature was reading higher than what we advertise.

Your service call to us regarding the refrigerator not cooling/freezing was responded to immediately and a cooler with ice was brought over to get you through the night, until the appliance vendor could be called out the next morning.  The next morning, April 16th prior to our office opening, we received an email from you letting us know that the fridge was working properly and to cancel the vendor call.

Please understand that unforeseen circumstances do arise and that we strive to do our best to provide all of our guests with exceptional customer service, especially in those situations.  All of your service calls were responded to in a timely and professional manner and  we hope that you will reconsider your decisions to stay with us in the future. We would love the opportunity to find you your ideal vacation rental and please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.



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