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Family Vacation

This is a nice home but renters beware. We have used this rental company before and are finding their lackluster customer service with issues we had. They ask you to download the app so all information can be sent you however upon our arrival a code is supposed to be sent to the renter thru the app so that keys can be obtained for the home. That required our first call to the rental company. We were told we could not get in before 4 as it needed to both be cleaned and inspected. We did wait until the appropriate time and finally entered the home only to find beer bottles, bottle caps, snack bags and garbage all around the pool. Since we had traveled all day we just picked it up and threw it away so we could swim. When we entered the living space in this home there clearly was still sand on the floor and on the step that led to the upper level. Again, we didn’t complain as we were told the cleaning crew had been there and it had been inspected. Our 10 month old Grandaughter had dirty knees all week we were there. There is a cheap vacuum that we tried to use but it did nothing. On day 2 we noticed the spa to the pool would run for about 2-3minutes and shut off. No heat, no bubbles. The pool guy had been there the day before and had told us he would be back the next day. That set up an everyday call by us to see what was going to happen with it and my husband and I leaving our cell phone number for them got call us back. I also made them aware of the cleaning issue and they asked if I had taken pictures. Um no, we cleaned up the garbage ourselves. On Thursday the pool guy returned and the spa was unfixable and they would need to contact the owner for further repairs. Everyday I was told someone would get back with us…..no one did. On Friday (our last day) I was told the owner had not yet agreed to the repairs as he wanted to see if it was still under warranty. Needless to say nothing ever was resolved. We we got home on Saturday we had a message on our home phone for us to call them. I called on Sunday and spoke with the answering service who said the would relay the message and someone would call us back. Well today I called back and basically after 45 minutes of going round and round with the girl on the phone, she assured me she would call me back after a meeting that they were going to have and discuss our issues. She reiterated that I should have taken pictures and asked to have the house cleaned again. I told her I guess I was just to nice when we arrived and just picked it up but once we had issues is when I expected some service. We vacation in AMI about once or twice a year and are coming with a group in February which we were planning on suggesting this house but it definitely won’t happen now. I get it things break down. But the customer service rep told me it wasn’t like the spa not working ruined my trip I could still use the spa. Well yes that’s true it didn’t ruin my trip! I wouldn’t let that happen. However, when you rent a home so you can use a spa and it doesn’t work you expect something for your inconvenience. All I asked for was a credit for the cleaning fee since the house wasn’t clean. We also had a bathtub drain that had hair in it and was clogged with a slow drain all week. We were also told the home owner doesn’t give any credits. Well that’s fine but agree to fix the issues! If you are going to own a million dollar home for rental income you better be willing to fix the issues that come up. There are plenty of rental company’s and plenty nice homes so please just we aware of these issues.

Hello Janet,
Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your stay at Montego Bay.  We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with your stay this year.  The check-in time is 4 pm and your key code is active at 4 pm for privacy purposes. Our records show that we responded to all of your requests such as delivering an additional frying pan and sending our service staff to tend to the spa.  The pool vendor that takes care of the pool and spa at Montego Bay was sent out as well and reported to us that a part needed to be replaced.  We have been in touch with you numerous time during your stay and called the number you provided us on your profile, which happened to be your home phone number.  Please note that all of our homes are inspected prior to each guest arrival and no cleaning issues were reported prior to your arrival.  Cleaning issues were never mentioned to us when you contacted us, this is why we asked if you could provide us with pictures that we then could forward on to the housekeeping team.
We feel that we have honored all of our requests and appreciate your understanding that you are renting a privately owned home and that equipment issues unfortunately can and do come up.  As a courtesy to you as our valued guest, we have honored your request and have offered to refund you half of your cleaning fee back.
We hope you were otherwise able to enjoy your stay and we hope to have you stay with us again for your future Anna Maria Island vacation needs!


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