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Finding Grocery Stores on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is the definitive “off the beaten path” choice for Florida travelers. Many visitors to Anna Maria Island enjoy the flexibility of being able to cook in their vacation rentals whenever they prefer.

With several options on the island for grocery stores, visitors to Anna Maria Island can save by adding a few home-cooked meals a day, or stocking up their fridge/pantry with ready to eat foods/snacks between restaurant meals.

The savings can be substantial, especially considering the high costs of taking a family out to eat a few times a day. Thankfully, our Anna Maria Island vacation rentals ease the task of preparing food at home quite a bit with their full kitchens, along with convenient locations near the island’s grocery stores.

anna maria grocery stores

Eating at Home

Most of our Anna Maria island vacation rentals have an available kitchen, accompanied with a stove, microwave, full cooking equipment, toaster, utensils, and often a dishwasher.

These amenities allow guests to prepare anything and everything they need, including local fish at the market or easily prepared meals from the grocery stores.

The Many Local Grocery Stores

Anna Maria Island may be up and out of the way for visitors who want to escape the noise and chaos of Bradenton and Tampa, but there are still many available grocery store options. This makes acquiring what you need a whole lot more manageable.

Below is a quick rundown of the local grocery stores in Anna Maria Island.


The Publix is the high-end grocery store for Florida. It is the best large-scale grocery store on Anna Maria Island and will generally have most of what you need. Publix is generally open from 7am to 10pm. You can find it 3900 E Bay Dr., Holmes Beach, FL and it is open from 7am to 10pm.

Olive Oil Outpost: Though Publix typically has a lot of what you would require for at-home eating, Olive Oil Outpost is a quaint shop with many specialty items. The outpost caters to wine, spices, and other items you may not find in a mainstream grocery store. You can find the Olive Oil Outpost at 401 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, FL 34216, where they open at 10 am and typically close early at 5pm.

AMI General Store:

The Anna Maria Island General Store offers a great location near many vacation rentals on the north end of the island offers several packaged foods, wine, sandwiches, deli items, beverages, picnic foods, and more. The main store is located at 503 Pine Avenue and is open from 6am to 9pm most days.

Island Fresh Market:

While you will find fresh seafood at Publix, you won’t find the sheer variety and local selections that are available at the Island Fresh Market. Pick up local sustainable seafood, seasonal vegetables, soups, homemade desserts, and other local specialties here. Find the Island Fresh Market at 5604 Marina Dr., Holmes Beach, FL open 11 am to 6 pm on most days.

Time Saver Food Store:

This is a smaller-scaled grocery store for that quick “get in and get out” with a vast wine and spirits selection. Time Saver is open later compared to other stores, as they close at 10pm. You can find one at 5353 Gulf Dr., Holmes Beach, FL 34217.

Vacation homes located in the center or south of Anna Maria Island have plenty of options, including the Publix and other grocers mentioned in Holmes Beach. Head north to find some local like the AMI General Store. You will be able to save hundreds of dollars over a week if you opt for just one meal a day at home.

Our Anna Maria Island rentals allow for this option with ease. If you choose wisely, you can eat in style without ever leaving your home away from home.

Open patios, spacious interiors, outdoor BBQs, and rentals right on the beach all add to an atmosphere where you may want to stay in, cook a delicious meal and indulge on more than one evening.


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