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Hot Tub Not So Hot

This house was beautiful. We had a great stay at Tropical Oasis. There was plenty of space and a lot of rooms for guests. The kitchen was nice and the outside area by the pool looked great. The one issue that we had was that we wanted the pool to be heated for our stay. We were told to email them up to two weeks before for them to turn on the heater. We emailed them a month in advance and two weeks before and we were told that they were not going to turn on the heater because we shouldn’t need it that time of year (this was October). We were not able to use the pool or the hot tub the entire time because it was ice cold. Such a nice pool went to waste because the refused to heat the pool. In reality the price should of been less because it was a house with an unusable pool. We emailed them during our stay because the pool and hot tube were so cold. They sent someone out but never turned on the heater. It could have been broken for all we know. If you decide to stay here, make sure that you enforce that they turn on the heat for the pool during your stay if you are not staying in the summer. Do not take their word that the water will be warm enough to use. The house has two washers and driers. The washer on the bottom floor worked, but not the washer on the second floor. The dryer on the second floor worked, but not the one on the first floor. This may have been fixed since our stay. Other than those issues, we loved the house and had an excellent stay.


Hi Will,

Thank you so much for taking your time out to write a review regarding your stay with us at Tropical Oasis.
We appreciate your feedback as it helps us better serve our guests in the future. ​ We are glad to hear that you enjoyed the home but wish that you would have called us regarding your pool/spa and washer/dryer issues as we would have loved to have had the chance to take care of the issues during your stay.

Our pool heat is automatically turned on starting November 1st but we do accommodate our guests if we are experiencing cooler than usually weather.
If the outside temperature is 85 degrees and higher, the pool pumps will not kick in, as the pool pumps are affected by the outside temperature.

​Please let us know if there is anything ​we can assist you with and we hope to have you stay with us again in the near future.
​​Don’t forget that as a repeat guest you qualify for our returning guest discount on a 7 night + stay with a rental rate of $1,500.


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