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House or Horrors

This is a copy of the email that I sent to the management company after my week long stay at this property. What my family and friends thought was going to a luxurious vacation turned into a nightmare. As expected the management company is obligated to issue a rebuttal but my only reason for sharing is that I sincerely hope no one ever has a vacation experience like this.

I am writing this email hoping that it will be forwarded to someone in management who can address my horrible vacation experience at Tropical Oasis.

I booked this vacation to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday and had family fly in from Canada, England & New York. Unfortunately we were plagued with so many maintenance issues that it totally stressed me out and I was so embarrassed. This home is set up beautifully but the wear and tear shows everywhere – from the floors to the shaky dining table, cushions missing on the chairs at the breakfast bar, the living room sofa has seen better days, there is black mold on the around the base of the bridge that leads to the hot tub (pressure wash would easily solve that problem), the bridge is extremely slippery when wet and is a hazard when trying to get to the hot tub, the patio off the kitchen had some mold (again pressure wash would rectify that) – these were all minor in my opinion and I was prepared to overlook if these other issues did not arise:

– On the night of arrival, Sunday (11/15) we entered a hot home, the air was not turned on prior to us getting there. Not a big issue, we turned the air on. The main level cooled down relatively quickly but we only noticed the top floor was not cooling when we went to bed. It was hot and uncomfortable, my guests and my family had a very uncomfortable & sleepless night. Called the service department on Monday, they sent the repair company in.

– I attempted to take a shower the night of (11/15) in the king en-suite bathroom on the main floor. The shower drain pipe was clogged and the water almost spilled over into the bathroom. Called the service department, again they sent out a repair person.

– Attempted to wash some dishes after making breakfast on Monday (11/16) morning, turned the faucet on in the kitchen sink and water was leaking from the faucet and ponding on the counter top and dripping all over the kitchen floor. We used kitchen towels to prevent the water from getting on the floor. Called the service department, repair person was sent. The repair was never completed as a part needed to be ordered so we have to endure a leaking faucet whenever dishes needed to be washed.

– The washer on the first floor was out of order and a note placed on it. It was very inconvenient having to log laundry to the top floor but we dealt with it. On the night on (11/16) the dryer on the top floor would not turn on so we had to wash on the top floor, then dry on the main floor. Exhausting and inconvenient. Called the service department and again they sent out a repair person.

– The fan and lights in the queen bedroom on the main floor did not work. Guess what I did, if you guessed that I called the repair department then you are right.

– On the night of my husband’s birthday (11/18) we decided to have a poolside BBQ, within 5 minutes of starting to cook the grill ran out of propane. At this point I actually started crying, I could not believe this was happening. So again I called the service department and someone came over with a full tank sometime after. I was completely embarrassed and my guests were hungry. I spoke to Renee and asked her to have an owner or property manager call me the following morning, to date I have not heard from ANYONE!

– I made several reports that the spa was not getting hot, the repair department kept saying that it was set to 95 degrees which it was clearly not as the pool was actually warmer than the spa. Eventually after a lot of back and forth someone came and turned it up to 104 degrees and it felt like a hot tub.

– The pool had a lot of debris at the bottom when we wanted to swim on Monday, again I called the service department. It wasn’t actually cleaned until Tuesday.

– The home is advertised as being equipped with beach toys, chairs etc. The beach chairs & the one sad umbrella that was there was broken and not even useable. We went out and bought chairs and umbrellas so we could enjoy the beach and gave it away to vacationers at the home next door when we left. We were happy that there were a few buckets & shovels for my 3 year old son to use.

On Thursday the garbage disposal would not turn on, at this point I was done with calling your service department and just let it be.

I have rented many vacation homes over the years and have never had an experience like this. While I do understand that things happen and once its taken care of ASAP it can be overlooked, we had way to many issues over our short stay. It clearly shows that this home was not thoroughly inspected. If I were this property owner and read this email, I would be furious and embarrassed. In this age of social media companies should be more pro-active. I would like someone to reach out to me either via Cell# or email to discuss some sort of give back ASAP.

In the end I did receive a call back a few days after I returned home and was offered a $150.00 credit towards my next stay, I refused as after this experience I highly doubt that I will ever use this company again.




​Hello Asha,

Thank you for taking time to contact us and provide feedback about your stay. Our goal is to provide excellent service and to make every effort to ensure all of our guests enjoy their vacation. Unfortunately, we are dealing with private homes and many things can unexpectedly go wrong at any given time. Sadly, there were several things that happened during your stay that we were not able to predict or control. We addressed each issue as timely as we could, however, at times, we rely on outside vendors to address service issues such as the AC and appliance issues. On occasion, parts are needed and an issue can not be resolved as quickly as we would like – like the issue with the washing machine. ​I know it was inconvenience to have to go between floors to do laundry but there was still a functioning washer and dryer available for your use.

Since you had so many issues, we did reach out and offer $150 returning guest discount on a future booking but you did not feel that it was sufficient. Unfortunately, we can not offer anything more since we did address each issue in a reasonable time frame, except the washing machine, but as I stated, there was still a functioning unit at the house that was available for use.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that you have experienced during your stay.


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