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Plan a Mother’s Day Vacation on Anna Maria Island

Mother’s Day is right around the corner once again, and there are so many possible places to go, sights to see, and things to do. Take mom to Anna Maria Island.

The island life is a little calmer and slower compared to the rowdier destinations of Florida. We go a slow and steady speed on Anna Maria Island, rarely navigating tough traffic, busy streets, and big crowds. The island has a laid-back demeanor we are confident you will come to fall in love with.

It is perfect for mom. Below is your special Mother’s Day guide to AMI.

What to Do

We highly recommend taking mom on a sunset cruise. It is the quintessential island thing to do. Especially in the winter, the horizon line is soaked in the clear rays of the sunset. The sunsets during the winter on Anna Maria Island are world-renowned. Try Paradise Boat Tours for an exceptional trip in the Gulf of Mexico.

Adventurous moms may have a lovely time on a manatee cove journey or going on a trip to the Leffis Key island preserve.

Where to Eat

There are some really enthralling restaurants on the island that would make for an ideal lunch or evening with mom. The most exemplary is, undoubtedly, the Sandbar Restaurant. Its claim to fame is its view: an uninterrupted sightline right to the beach. To make it even better, you can sit with your toes delicately grazing the sand. The restaurant patio is actually on the beach, with a cozy overhang to keep you cool and shaded. It’s one of the most impressive restaurants on the island.

The Anna Maria Island Beach Café isn’t far. Over in Holmes Beach, this friendly cottage is a classic-inspired restaurant soaked in the historic setting of Old Florida. You can order some tropical cocktails and appreciate old-school atmosphere. This is a perfect location if mom likes a rustic and casual setting.

The Rod and Reel Pier has that iconic pier view. Enjoy the views over casual bites, like mahi fish and pork sandwiches, for your afternoon out.

The Blue Marlin has an exceptional wine bar and a fine atmosphere. The open courtyard has warm live music throughout the week. Plants hang delicately over the space, contributing to a natural and real ambiance. The Blue Marlin is ideal for a dinner get-together with the family in a relaxing and gorgeously-adorned setting.

Shop around and you are bound to see something. You can always bring mom along and have her pick her own gift out.

What to Get

Are you struggling with coming up for some really heartwarming and ideal presents for mom? We are, too! But don’t worry, because Anna Maria Island has you covered.

There are some really whimsical boutiques shops on the island. The Island Cabana is a whole lot of fun as it focuses on apparel and Florida swimwear. Pink & Navy has a variety of home décor items and other goodies, while Bella By the Sea has this amazing arrangement of kitchen supplies. Ask at the Anna Maria Island hotel for more ideas.

Where to Stay

You have plenty of things to do and just as many places to eat, but how do you know where to stay in Anna Maria, FL? The answer is with us.

We have some delightful Anna Maria Island vacation rentals just for mom, but with plenty of space for the kids as well. OR stay at our Anna Maria Beach Resort where she can indulge in our many convenient amenities, shaping the vacation just as she wants.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended trip away to bond with family, Anna Maria Island is an amazing vacation destination. Our top-rated vacation rentals give you and your family the right kinds of amenities in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.


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