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2017 New Year’s Events on AMI and Sarasota

Sarasota and Bradenton hold nothing back on New Year’s Eve, and each year the festivities seem to get better and better.

This New Year’s Eve, you’ll have plenty of exciting events available to you on Anna Maria Island and nearby in Sarasota or Bradenton.

Beach House New Year’s Eve Party

The Beach House Restaurant (200 Gulf Drive North, Bradenton Beach, FL) will be hosting its festive beachside New Year’s Eve party that rivals the best of them, with a full fireworks display.

Dinner will be served outdoors on the covered deck as well as inside the restaurant. This event is a great alternative to the Marina Jack show with the more laid-back vibe that Anna Maria Island is known for.

You’ll also get to enjoy the impressive signature seafood and cocktails that the Beach House Restaurant is famous for, if you choose to dine with them. Show up early to snag one of the first-come-first-serve tables.

anna maria new years events

The Pineapple Drop in Sarasota

The Pineapple Drop is the quintessential Sarasota NYE tradition. Heading to downtown Sarasota on December 31st is an easy way to guarantee a full afternoon and evening of excitement.

Although the drop occurs at midnight, the party starts much earlier in the afternoon at around 1 p.m. around Lemon Avenue and Main Street. People from all over the country visit for the carnival-like atmosphere, vendors, incredible local food, gifts, rides, live music and a host of other spectacular attractions.

Many say it rivals the Times Square ball drop in terms of fun and the overall experience and with much warmer weather!

Marina Jack Fireworks

Marina Jack (2 Marina Plaza, Sarasota, FL) will be hosting Sarasota’s most impressive fireworks display to welcome another year. The fireworks show will happen right outside the marina at midnight. You can watch them from a table at Marina Jack or for free at Bayfront Park and other nearby vantage points.

Inside the marina you’ll get to enjoy pleasing live music as you sip on specialty cocktails, dine on elegant seafood and take a comfortable seat for the evening. There’s also an option to take a cruise on the Marina Jack II with a full buffet, dance floor and live music.

Seating for dinner at the Deep Six Lounge & Piano Bar and Blue Sunshine Patio Bar & Grill at the marina will start at around 7pm. The dining room will have two seating options, one from 4pm to 7pm and another starting at 8:45pm.

While Marina Jack hosts a brilliant fireworks display, many will head to Anna Maria Island for an equally impressive fireworks showcase at the Beach House Restaurant.

new years events sarasota

New Year’s Eve Party at PIER 22 Restaurant

Location: 1200 1st Ave W, Bradenton, FL 34205

PIER 22 is located about 20 minutes off Anna Maria Island and has long been Bradenton’s high-end waterfront eatery. The New Year’s party at PIER 22 is legendary and packed with excitement as they embrace good things to come next year with no reservations.

A DJ on the terrace will launch a setlist of classic pop jams, some atmospheric holiday music, and contagious sing-a-longs for guests to dance and party to.

A champagne cash bar will keep you going throughout the night. A VIP reservation expands the festivities to the 2nd floor Grand Ballroom area along with a premium dinner buffet served from 9 to 11pm.

VIP reservation also includes drink specials and unlimited open bar access. Hors d’oeuvres and desserts will also be available. The specialty holiday menu at Pier 22 begins at 4pm with the kitchen closing right at 11pm. It is yet another exhilarating place to be on December 31st just outside Anna Maria Island.

It might seem hard to decide with so many options, but all of these events celebrate the magic and spectacle of New Year’s Eve, so you truly can’t go wrong with any of them! So book your Anna Maria Island vacation rental and get ready to start the New Year off the right way!


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