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Visit Leffis Key near Anna Maria Island

leffis key preserve anna maria island

Location: 2350 Gulf Dr. S Bradenton Beach, FL

Leffis Key on Anna Maria Island is one of the most scenic, exotic and pristine nature preserves in all of Florida.

Although it is small, you can see an impressive range of exciting natural attractions here, and it is one of the few remaining undeveloped areas of Anna Maria Island.

Located near many of our Bradenton Beach rentals, Leffis Key is right across the street from Coquina Beach and the Coquina trolley stop, making it easy to access for any visitor to the island.

Leffis Key is a crucial habitat on Anna Maria Island

The ecological importance of Leffis Key can never be understated; it is one of the most critical habitats for the island wildlife including a wide range of marine animals.

The shallow lagoons of Leffis Key offer an ideal shelter for the local species, and they are protected by vast mangroves as well as manmade sand dunes.

The waters in Leffis Key are buffered by ocean tidal forces and function as a nursery for small fish and crab species, which are an important food source for other fish and birds in the local ecosystem.

leffis key boardwalk trail

Visit Leffis Key from the Coquina Baywalk

The Coquina Baywalk is located on Leffis Key and offers one of the most scenic short nature walks on the entire island where you can see many of the species that make Leffis Key their home.

This pristine shallow water habitat is diverse in its flora and fauna, and although the Baywalk is short there is plenty to see along the way.

During the walk, you can spot native plants, horseshoe, fiddler and blue crabs, conchs, sea hares, and a wide range of fish species.

Leffis Key and the Coquina Baywalk are also known for being a top birding destination in Florida where you can view a wide range of bird species including egrets, herons, pelicans and other migrating and wading birds.

leffis key wildlife park

Beautiful and diverse vegetation

Just as you’ll see plenty of diverse animal species in Leffis Key, the local vegetation is equally abundant and unique. You’ll get to see white, black and red mangrove trees, sea grapes, sea oats and other plants that protect the habitat from erosion and provide shelter to the local animals.

On the trails, you’ll find beautiful sea daisies, beach sunflowers, saw grass and other salt tolerant plants. Take plenty of photos of the unique local flora to share with your friends and family back home!

Near Coquina Beach

Although facilities are limited at the Coquina Baywalk and Leffis Key, you won’t have to walk very far to get to restrooms, concessions, playgrounds, showers, a free trolley stop and other facilities in the Coquina Gulfside Beach Park.

There are also a few sit-down restaurants located near Leffis Key. It typically isn’t crowded, even during the busy tourist season.

Write down Leffis Key as one of your “must visit” destinations as you book your Bradenton Beach Florida rentals and plan your vacation out. It is a remarkable and scenic protected habitat that you won’t soon forget!


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