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Anna Maria Island Piers

Rod and Reel Pier875 N Shore Dr, Anna Maria, FL 34216

Anna Maria Island has a variety of different attractions to see – from the beaches to the museums, you can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose, but no visit is complete without visiting the Anna Maria Island piers. You will find that these piers provide an all-day experience for everyone. Rod and Reel Pier is the first stop on the Anna Maria sightseeing tour. Hidden away on the North end of the Island, you will find what’s left of “old Florida” on the Rod and Reel Pier. This pier has one of the best restaurants on this side of the island, filled with the same specials it had in 1947 to keep up with tradition and all. This quaint little restaurant has been an island favorite for locals and travelers throughout the years. The pier isn’t just for dining. For a small free, you can bring your fishing pole and fish right off the side of the dock and soak up the spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Rod&Reel Pier

City Pier100 S Bay Blvd, Anna Maria, FL 34216

The City Pier is the second pier on Anna Maria Island. Built in 1911, this pier used to welcome steamboats loaded with visitors and residents. Constructed of 776 feet of wooden planks, this walkway is like a walk into the past. Known as one of the top attractions in Manatee County, this pier is a historic landmark for many people, holding over 100 years of memories. As you leisurely stroll down this pier with wonder in your eyes, you may catch a glimpse of manatees, local fish, pelicans, and dolphins. At the end of the pier, you will find The City Pier restaurant which has weathered many storms. You will see that this establishment has seating that offers its guests a full view of the Gulf. You can also sit outside and enjoy the island breeze while taking in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and Sunshine Skyway views. The City Pier Restaurant Gift Shop has many of unique knick-knacks you can bring home to those special people in your life. The City Pier is a great place to get a good feel of the culture on Anna Maria Island, and we promise, you won’t be disappointed by what you find.

City Pier

No visit to Anna Maria Island is complete without a trip to one or both of these piers. It’s hard to explain the beauty of Anna Maria Island without talking about its beaches, but it’s pretty apparent that the Gulf is what really sets the stage for its unique exquisiteness. You will find no better place to experience that old school Florida charm than Anna Maria Island and you will also conclude that there is no other place on this side of the Gulf with more splendid vacation rentals than here. This Island is above the rest when it comes to all that it has to offer and the other tourist traps that litter the Florida coastlines cannot hold a candle to the magnificence of Anna Maria Island.


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