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Visitor Guide to Anna Maria Island Weather All Year Long

One of the many things that bring thousands of tourists to Florida every year is the weather. Escaping the teeth-chattering cold of winter or just the picturesque idea of a summer vacation on the beach is appealing to many.

Hundreds of people come to Anna Maria Island year after year to take advantage of the superb weather, angling, shelling, biking, shopping, dining and the luxury vacation homes that dot the shoreline. Just minutes away from Sarasota, Anna Maria Island is the ideal place to stay to enjoy all of the surrounding attractions.

Anna Maria Island offers a more quiet experience than other popular destinations in Florida while still offering the getaway you dream of. To top off your experience, the Anna Maria Island weather is perfect all year long.

anna maria island weather

What is the Weather Like on Anna Maria Island?

Most of the year, Anna Maria Island is hot and visitors can expect some degree of humidity. The best time to visit is January – March or in October because it’s cooler on Anna Maria Island around then. These times of the year are also the quietest if you are looking for uncrowded beaches!

Summer Weather

In the summer months of June, July, and August, you’ll find average temperatures at around 90 for the high and 70 for the low. While the days are hot, you can find solace in the water or in one of the many indoor activities in or around Anna Maria Island. At night, you’ll be able to enjoy a warm and relaxing evening outside on the shore or grilling with your loved ones. The summer also brings with it a bit of rainfall, with averages between 7-9 inches, but that doesn’t mean your whole getaway will be ruined.

We suggest if you are planning your vacation around this time to pack an umbrella or two and have a plan B if your plans get rained on. That doesn’t mean you won’t have sunny days though during your vacation. Surf conditions will be ideal during this time of year, so you will see plenty of people on one of the Anna Maria Island beaches. Summertime is the best time to experience a chartered boat tour around Anna Maria Island. The island weather is ideal, the water is pristine, and the local company is always kind when you’re here!

Fall Weather

September, October, and November bring cooler temperatures with average highs around the mid-80s and lows in the 60s. This season tends to be the least crowded, meaning that Anna Maria Island beach cottages and other accommodations will be at their best prices.

This time of year presents the perfect opportunity to experience all the indoor and outdoor activities of the area. It’s still warm enough to enjoy the beach or try out one of the nearby hiking trails to spot wildlife, but you can easily slip on a jacket at night for some shopping or a late-night stop for dessert! Rainfall still averages around 8 inches in September, but October and November’s chances drop drastically to 2-3 inches.

Winter Weather

Winter months tend to be busier on Anna Maria Island thanks to the Christmas holiday and frigid temperatures in many other areas. December, January, and February tend to have high temperatures around 70 and lows around 50.

Rain chances are still low at around 2-3 inches on average. If you’re planning to visit Anna Maria Island during the winter, you’ll definitely want to pack a coat and book your Anna Maria Island hotel or choose a rental home early.

weather on anna maria island fl

Spring Weather

The spring remains popular for tourists, but after March, you will see a slightly smaller crowd. Average spring high temperatures are in the 80s, and lows stay in the 60s, very similar to the fall months in the area.

Rainfall stays low during this time of year at only 3 inches per month on average. These short showers help to keep the island cool and make for a perfect break from the hot sun, giving you a chance to check out a fun museum or return to your rental for a snooze on the patio.

Misconceptions about the Weather

Many think the Florida sun constantly beats down, but the afternoons and evenings tend to be quite pleasant. Especially in the summer, you’ll often experience quick rain showers that clear up to bring cooler temperatures in the evening.

On the other hand, you may not expect your Florida getaway to be cold, but depending on when you travel, the evening breeze may constitute long pants, a jacket, or simply staying indoors.

What to Pack

When visiting Anna Maria Island, you’ll need all your beach essentials: shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, and sandals. However, you may also want to bring a light jacket or umbrella, a pair of jeans or long pants, and a sturdier pair of shoes to keep you safe from the rain and ready for any activity.

Things To Do No Matter What the Weather Is Like

There are a ton of outdoor activities to experience on Anna Maria Island, weather permitting. There are many activities to choose from such as shelling, fishing, beach horseback riding, jet skiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and much more.

Your vacation rental accommodation is a great option to fall back on if the weather gets bad, or take the daily shower as a great time to grab food or a sweet treat from an Anna Maria bakery or waterfront restaurant. Lucky for you though, Florida rainstorms don’t usually last that long.

Come For A Visit!

Known for pristine weather all year long, luxurious amenities, and quaint surroundings, Anna Maria Island is the only place to be in Florida for a vacation. Anna Maria Island is pretty much ignored by spring breakers and devoid of the garish attractions that Florida is known for. Anna Maria Island is one of the most charming barrier islands on this side of the Gulf Coast—and all the more beloved for it.

Now that you can figure out the best time for you to visit Anna Maria Island, feel free to browse our website to discover our wide selection of rentals. As the #1 rental company in the area, we are proud to serve the community and to let others know why we love it here!

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