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Anna Maria Vacation’s Pet Policy

Pet Reservation Terms & Conditions

(We do not accept cats)

Under certain circumstances we allow pets. This must be discussed with the management before arrival. In the event that the renter brings a pet without obtaining authorization a 25% surcharge on the total cost of the reservation will be charged and the management also reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement immediately without refund. Some of our properties do not allow pets under any circumstances.

We understand that in certain circumstances guests cannot be parted from their pet. We do accept small pets (25lb weight limit) in our select pet friendly properties. The rate is $20 per day per pet. In certain instances we do have a few select homes that will allow dogs up to 40 lbs. The rate is $40 per day per pet plus taxes–an additional security deposit might be required.

However, the following strict rules apply:

  1. Pets are strictly not allowed on the beds or the sofas. Please bring pet’s own basket/blanket for it to use.
  2. It is mandatory for any pet accepted to be on a flea program.
  3. Without exception, you must “pick up” after your pet in the yard. City rules state that you must also pick up if you walk your dog on public property.
  4. If an unattended pet scratches a door or damages any other item in the house, that item will be replaced and the guest responsible will be charged in full for that item without exception.
  5. Pets are not allowed in the pool.

Security Deposit Renter agrees that the credit card number provided at the time of reservation can be charged up to the sum of $1,500 in the event of damage or misuse occurring. Renter further agrees to be responsible for all damages in excess of this sum which will be determined if necessary by arbitration. Renter agrees that in the event of failure to agree either by arbitration, proceedings will be held in the Manatee County Court, or in the case of United Kingdom residents at the Courts in the borough of Carmarthen. After your departure Housekeeping checks the accommodation. Provided the accommodation is left in a reasonable condition and no items are missing or damaged, then your credit card will not be charged i.e. a broken dish or glass is acceptable and is part of the normal every day usage. The accommodation must be left in reasonable and clean condition or extra cleaning charges may be imposed. In the event it is found the accommodation incurred careless damage, requires excessive cleaning, or has missing items, the guest acknowledges and agrees their credit card will be debited to replace said items at the fair market price. Customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and all court costs and expenses to enforce this agreement including appellate proceeds with or without legal proceedings. NB If the renter brings a pet, then Renter agrees that the credit card number provided at the time of reservation can be charged up to the sum of $1,500 in the event of damage or misuse occurring.

Dogs are not allowed on the island’s beaches. However they are allowed on the sands of the causeway between the island and the mainland on the public beach area and there are miles of small roads around the island where you can happily walk your pet on a leash in the cool of our Florida evenings.

Finally, we have strict rules to ensure that the property is in as near perfect condition as possible for the next renter. We aim to provide high quality accommodation for you and all our other guests.

Thank you for your reservation, we hope both you and your pet enjoy your stay in the villa.

Anna Maria Vacations, 5702 Marina Drive #108, Fl. 34217

For questions about any property or making a reservation, feel free to contact us at reservations@annamaria.com.

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