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The French Table on Anna Maria Island

the french table anna maria island restaurant

Location: 103 Gulf Drive North Bradenton Beach, Florida
Hours: 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. daily

Husband and wife team Marieke and Christophe Celis opened the French Table in 2014 to offer the authentic Southern French cuisine they know so well in a small and cozy restored building.

The front of the restaurant won’t draw you in with any flashy signs, as it simply reads “French Table, French Food” – but the experience you’ll get while dining here is nothing short of extraordinary.

Provence is a large region of Southern France which borders the Mediterranean Sea, and as a result the cuisine heavily resembles that of other Mediterranean countries that you may be more familiar with such as Italian and Greek.

The fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables that are grown and caught in Provence are naturally incorporated into the cuisine. The cuisine has a heavy influence on the use of olives, garlic and olive oil like other Mediterranean countries.

Fish and shellfish are also an important part of the cuisine, making it one of the healthier options. Meat is eaten sparingly, and some of the more popular meats are poultry such as duck or chicken.

You’ll find the distinct flavor of Provençal cuisine at the French Table once you take a quick look at their regionally influenced menu. They creatively incorporate the locally obtained fresh produce, vegetables and meats of Anna Maria Island into truly authentic and exquisitely prepared Provençal dishes.

Appetizers include Moules Gratinèes (mussels grilled with French butter, garlic and parsley), Soupe à L’oignon (French onion soup with homemade bread, Ceviche du Salmon (fresh salmon ceviche marinated with basil, lemon and shallots), and Duo de Mer (a pancake of crème fraiche, radish, tomato, sweet pepper, shrimp and salmon).

The entrée menu includes a small selection of exquisite seafood, beef, chicken and duck dishes for a balance of surf and turf.

Moules à la Crème is a dish of fresh mussels marinated in white wine, crème fraiche, and shallots and served with freshly cut French fries.

The Grouper Sauce Mangue features locally caught fresh grouper sautéed in olive oil and served with rice, mango and vegetables in a lemon-mango sauce.

The Cassoulet is a slow cooked duck leg with meat that falls off the bone in a pork sausage, onion, carrot and bean casserole.

Daube is a suitable choice for beef lovers as it features tender marinated beef in red wine and served with fresh vegetables and boiled potato.

For a perfect duck breast try the Magret de Canard au Miel which is sautéed in olive oil, covered in a honey sauce and served with potatoes gratin and vegetables.

A small dessert menu will round out your meal with crème brulee, café gourmand (coffee with small desserts), mousse au chocolat, and egg flan with milk and caramel.

The menu is very specific, made from scratch, and authentically Provençal, just as you would expect from veteran Southern French restaurateurs who are passionate about the culinary perfection and regional ingredients that cuisine is known for.

Other menu items rotate as seasonal ingredients and new inspirations arrive. Don’t miss the French Table on Anna Maria Island whenever you want to satisfy your curiosity and appetite for Provençal cuisine.


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