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Beautiful, BUT Owners Are Difficult

I have a feeling my review will be removed by the rental company, but I feel it’s only fair to let others know about our experience. The condo itself does not disappoint – the decor is beautiful, as shown in the photos. The only letdowns we found with the building, as opposed to the unit itself, was that the common hallways and stairways smell like a really old hotel. I’m not sure if this is something that can be corrected by renovating or not? Also, the pool is almost always in the shade. For our family, this was a letdown as we prefer to get some Vitamin D while we swim.

Here’s the BIG problem: we were ten minutes from the rental office, ready to pick up our keys, when we received a phone call from the rental company telling us that the owners had made a mistake on dates and were going to stay in the condo for this, our first night. We would either have to be put up in a different property for one night or find ourselves a hotel. This really upset us. The fact that it was the owner’s mistake should have meant that THEY needed to find somewhere else to stay that night. We found this to be very unprofessional -especially the last minute notice. We were told that we “might” be refunded for our first night and that a manager would get back to us regarding a refund or some kind of compensation for the inconvenience and basically losing a day of our vacation. We didn’t hear from the rental company though. WE had to make the contact to discuss our refund. Poor business practices when the owner/rental company is at fault.

Overall, again, the condo was beautiful. The service and professionalism was horrible.




​Hello Alison,

Thank you for your feedback as it helps us better assist our guests in the future.  We sincerely apologize for the ​inconvenience the date mess up of the owners has caused to you and your family.  Please note that we are a management company and do not own the homes that we manage.  Though this was a very rare and unforeseen situation that came up, we cannot force the owner of the home to vacate their property.
In return, we did provide you with alternate accommodations to a much larger, more luxurious home for the night at no additional charge.  We also refunded you a nights stay at Waters Edge Condo 110 N as you have asked.
We are sorry if we did not get back to you in a timely manner, but I believe that my colleague Anita was handling your issue was out of the office and intended to contact you with an answer the day you reached out to her.

Again, we are sorry that your vacation started off rocky – but are glad that you were able to enjoy the rest of your stay at Waters Edge Condo 110N.


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