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Great House and Location

The house is in a great location, close to beach, and shops. The layout is nice as well. Our major problem was the clear lack of maintenance being done on the house. It is listed for sale, and it’s clear that the owners aren’t fixing things any more. Upon arrival our dishwasher was broken, we immediately contacted the rental company and they sent out a maintenance guy. He had no idea what was wrong with it and kept insisting it just needed to have more dishes added to it so it could clean. Turns out the motor was broken. We also had a problem with the ice maker. It made ice, but you couldn’t get it out of the door. Instead we had to put it in a bowl and scoop it out every time we needed it. Neither of these problems was remedied while we were there for 7 days. They said they needed to order a part for the dishwasher, but no comment on the ice maker. I’m sure the next renters (and the ones before us) are enjoying their lack of functional appliances. The pool also was not clean. We spent time ourselves cleaning the pool almost daily. The pool guy came out on Friday before we left saturday, and when he left it looked like no one had even come. The vines growing up the stairs in front and back need some serious trimming, again maintenance. The game room (or family room as listed in description) in the basement is not air-conditioned and does not have fans. That space is basically unusable unless the weather is cooler. They’ve taken what appears to be legally a storage room and tried to make it into a game room, but without air conditioning. This is conveniently left off of the rental description. The description boasts and outdoor shower, that we could not find. It did have an outdoor bathroom but no shower. The canal location is beautiful, but not usable. The dock does not have a ladder so you can’t even get down into a kayak or stand up paddle board. I guess if you rented a boat you could probably park there, but it is really small.

Overall, this house is nice and with a little maintenance could be great. With 10 people in the house, we went through a lot of paper products with no working dishwasher. There was absolutely no compensation from the rental company for this. I seriously doubt that both the ice maker and dishwasher broke saturday morning the day our rental started. Because of this, I do not think we will use this rental company again.


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