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Three Beaches You Must Visit On Anna Maria Island


If you’re thinking of a vacation on Anna Maria Island then I’m betting that you’re a sun worshiper like me. It’s easy to think of the island as one continuous beach, after all it is a seven-mile long sliver of sand sitting in the balmy waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For sure, you’re never more than a short stroll from the soft white sand and gently glimmering ocean that is the island’s trademark, but each of Anna Maria Island’s beaches has its own distinct feel.


After all my trips to Anna Maria, it’s hard to pin down just three beaches that offer the best the island has to offer but I gave it a shot. Here’s my pick.

  1. Anna Maria Beach. Situated at the northern tip of the island this is the perfect beach if you want some quiet. It’s a huge stretch of fine sand that wraps around the whole end of the island, so you won’t struggle to find some space here. There are no facilities so it tends not to attract the tourist crowd and families, which makes it perfect for soaking up the sun undisturbed and just enjoying the simple pleasures the island has to offer. This is where I head if I want to enjoy a quiet swim or indulge in a spot of beach-combing, and the pine trees that line the beach offer some much needed shade from the Florida sun.
  2. 20130516-MOB_9118

  3. Manatee Beach. If you’ve got a family, or you just want a beach with an energetic vibe, then Manatee Beach is the place for you. This beach is fully kitted out with showers and restrooms and there is a playground to keep younger children entertained while you soak up the sun. Lifeguards patrol this busy stretch making it safe for all levels of swimmers. You’re just a short walk into the town of Holmes Beach, but if you don’t fancy the trek then you can get food and drink from the beach café and bar and enjoy it on the picnic tables. This is the beach I love if I want to indulge in a game of volleyball with the kids or a spot of fishing from the beach’s pier.
  4. 20130516-MOB_9121_HDR1

  5. Coquina Beach. This is the longest stretch of sand on Anna Maria and covers the southern end of the island. For me it takes the best of Anna Maria Beach and Manatee Beach and brings them together. Coquina is lined with tall pine trees which offer a shady covering for the picnic area, which lets you get out of the sun while you enjoy your food and drink. There are concessions here plus the usual facilities and lifeguards. At the southern end of the beach is where you’ll get the hustle and bustle. Head north a bit and the beach becomes quieter, letting you relax a little and who knows, maybe you’ll spot some of the dolphins that frequent this shoreline.
  6. anna-maria-island-sunset

So there you have it, my pick of the top three beaches on Anna Maria Island. If you’ve been to Anna Maria and have your own favorite spot then share it on Twitter and Facebook.


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