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Very disappointed

Three years ago we took our family to this same rental and enjoyed ourselves immensly. Since we had such a good experience previously we decided to stay at the same unit this year with our family. Unfortunately, such was not the case this time. There were so many issues with this unit it is difficult to know where to even begin. The main concern we had was the lack of hot water in the second bathroom shower. We noticed this problem when we arrived on Saturday but since it was the weekend we decided to wait until Monday morning to contact the rental agency. We called the agency as soon as they opened that morning and a call was returned to us on Monday afternoon. Someone from maintenance came that afternoon and told us that a plumber would have to come and fix it. The plumber came early that evening and after looking at it stated that the cartridge in the shower would have to be replaced and he would contact the rental agency about the issue. Tuesday afternoon we received a message from the rental agency stating that the part would have to be ordered and that it would not be in until the next week after we would have departed. Wednesday morning we had a lengthy discussion with the service manager and she agreed to have the part expidited and installed as soon as possible. On Thursday evening the shower faucet was fixed, so we had two working showers for six people for two days. Being business owners ourselves we understand that issues arise but we also know that it is the responsbility of the owner and or management company to resolve issues as quickly and amicable as possible. We did our own research on this part and found it was available at a local home improvement store. It is extremely disappointing that we were told that it had to be special ordered and take over a week to be delivered and installed. Other issues including, but not limited to, were the locks not working on the patio doors, stained bed linens, soiled blankets, lack of proper lighting due to low watt bulbs,a lack of general maintenance, and the overall filth in the entire unit. We did receive a minimal refund for our inconvenience but this certainly did not make up for the issues that we encountered. It had not been our intent to go into this looking for any compensation but after talking to the service manager and her lack of trying to resolve the issue we felt some kind of a refund should be in order. We are aware that she was only doing her job for the owners of the property but it is a sad situation when all that is taken into account is the immediate bottom line. A rating of 2 was given because of the ability to walk down a few steps and be on the beautiful beach of Anna Maria. While we will certainly be back to the island we will question renting thru this particular agency again and it is doubtful we will ever rent this unit again.


We appreciate you taking time to provide feedback and we are sorry that you experienced difficulties during your stay.
In looking at the notes in your booking. I see a refund was issued to compensate you for one and half nights of your rental.
As you are aware, this is a private residence and unfortunately, mechanical issues do arise and we do everything we can to resolve issues as quickly as we can. While I know not having hot water in one of the showers was not ideal, there was an alternate shower available for your use.
Our Service staff are not licensed plumbers so we rely on outside vendors to address plumbing issues. We also do not stock plumbing supplies and again, we rely on the vendors to obtain any necessary parts and materials that are needed for a repair job. The information provided to us was that the cartridge was a special order part and was not locally available. We paid the additional cost to have the part expedited so the repair could be done as quickly as possible. Again, although the solution was not ideal, it was the best we could do.  As our Terms and Conditions state, which you agreed to at the time of booking, we are not responsible for mechanical failures and issues and do all possible to quickly rectify problems.  Per your contract, we also don’t offer refunds in case of equipment failure but our records do show that you were reimbursed for a one and half’s stay.
As for the other service and housekeeping issues you mentioned in your email, we have no record of you reporting the issues. We would have been more than happy to address each concern had we been made aware. We apologize for any inconvenience and would have loved the opportunity to rectify these issues for you with a timely manner. We hope that you will consider staying with us in the future–we would love to be able to place you in your ideal vacation rental for your AMI getaway. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you might have!


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