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5 Incredible Historic Must-See Sites on Anna Maria Island

Historic Attractions on Anna Maria Island

When you think Anna Maria Island, chances are that beaches, blue waters, spectacular sunsets and unbeatable eateries all come immediately to mind. Maybe you think about scuba diving, fishing or parasailing.

The island is also home to several interesting historic sites that are well worth exploring. So, if you’re a history buff, or simply want to take a break from the sun and sand and explore other things Anna Maria Island has to offer, consider these five-incredible must-see historic sites.

anna maria city pier

Historic Green Village

Location: 501-507 Pine Avenue, Anna Maria, FL

The Historic Green Village is a one-of-a-kind destination that allows you to enjoy a historic as well as a modern view of the island.

It is a self-preserved “green” community containing restored builds that are over 100 years old. It draws power from solar panels, recycles rainwater and cools buildings by dumping heat into groundwater.

These cottages and houses have been moved to the Green Village from other parts of the island in order to preserve them. Each of them have housed important figures in the history of Anna Maria Island.

City Pier

Location: 100 N Bay Blvd, Anna Maria, FL

As the only way to get to the island was once by boat, the City Pier was constructed in 1911-12 to dock ships coming from mainland Florida. Although damaged by storms and the elements over the years, it has been repeatedly restored. The pier, all 678 feet of it, still stands today.

The wharf at the end of the pier is also an original structure with one of the island’s best seafood restaurants. Walk around, get some sunshine, talk to locals and feel the history of Anna Maria Island!

anna maria city jail

Anna Maria City Jail

Location: 402 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, FL

Head over to nearby the Anna Maria City Jail to grab a historic photo opportunity after exploring the Green Village. Part of the fascinating Anna Maria Historical Society, the jail was built in 1927 and used to hold locals who disturbed the peace or had too many ales at the local taverns. Learn more fun facts about the island’s history at the Historical Society while you’re there.

Bean Point

Location: North Bay Blvd. and North Shore Drive, Anna Maria, Florida

Be sure to visit Bean Point at least once during your vacation! It’s named after the first permanent resident of the island, George Emerson Bean. His original homestead is now a quiet, secluded beach on the north end of Anna Maria Island.

Sit and enjoy the peace and quiet, watch the water and the wildlife, and get a sense of what the island might have felt like before it became the vacation spot it is today.

Bridge Street Pier

Location: 200 Bridge Street, Bradenton Beach, FL

Back in 1921, a wooden bridge was constructed to connect the island to the mainland. Part of the old bridge was converted into a pier in 1967 and it still stands today on Bridge Street in Bradenton Beach, now called Historic Bridge Street Pier.

On any given day, you’ll find individuals or families fishing from this pier and plenty of restaurants, shops and attractions nearby. The wooden structure is a popular site to get pictures taken, view the ocean and experience yet another bit of Anna Maria Island history!


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